The Ten Steps to Intermediate Practitioner

The most straightforward approach to achieving conscious Self-Parenting is by following the Ten Steps to Intermediate Practitioner Status. Practicing S/P consistently for thirty minutes each day for three to six months enables you to achieve a deep understanding of S/P. Hundreds of practitioners have successfully followed these steps to reach the Intermediate Level of Self-Parenting awareness. Although every individual’s journey through these steps is distinct, adhering to each step in turn ensures that you sharpen and enhance your Self-Parenting abilities while fostering self-awareness.

Completing each of the Ten Steps is vital to practitioner awareness and must be achieved at some point during your journey. It is estimated to take 3-6 months to complete all the steps. Attempting to complete them in less than three months would not be genuine. Conversely, if you do not finish them within six months, it indicates that you are not truly making an effort.

Upon reaching Intermediate Practitioner Status, you will be better equipped to comprehend and value the advanced insights provided in the Blue Book, S/P Modules, and Intermediate Practitioner Guidelines. Click on the link below to access a printable checklist that can help you track your progress. 2020 Ten Steps 2-Sheet

For a more comprehensive explanation of the Ten Steps to Intermediate, please click on the link below. Expanded_TEN_STEPS to Intermediate_Special Report.

The Ten Steps:

I have made these steps available for free on this website to enable you to safely “Cross the River,” a term that I explain in greater detail in the linked article. This order is the suggested best-case scenario, with each step serving as a critical building block of practitioner awareness to be completed in order.

Step 1: Read Self-Parenting: The Complete Guide To Your Inner Conversations

Time: 1 Week Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Clearly, this is the initial step towards achieving Intermediate Practitioner status. If you enjoyed the book and wish to witness the outcomes, this step serves as your primary source of inspiration to commence your sessions. Specifically, this entails reading at least Part I and Chapter 9 if you intend to start your sessions immediately.

Step 2: Practice the First 2 Weeks of Daily S/P Sessions From the Yellow Book

Time: 2 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

  • Read Chapter 9 carefully.
  • Follow 23 steps article.
  • Be consistent with your daily sessions.
  • Only ask questions.
  • Do NOT dialogue, discuss, or bring up the content of your S/P session with your Inner Child during the day.

Step 3: Send a Sample Session to the SPP to Evaluate Format

Time: 20 mins Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Kindly email me an attachment of a clear phone picture of one of your early S/P sessions, preferably from your first week of practice. I only review it for form and format, not content. It can even be in a foreign language. Please make sure that the image is properly sized for easy viewing and correctly aligned. If I do not receive your “Step 3” session before you order the PQ module, it indicates that you are not following the Ten Steps as an Inner Parent.

Step 4: Continue the Next Two Weeks of Daily Self-Parenting Either by Repeating The First Two Weeks or Starting the Personal Questions Module

Time: 3 – 8 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Completing your first two weeks of S/P sessions from Chapter 11 in the yellow book is FANTASTIC! Now what? You have two options to proceed with your next two weeks of sessions:

  1. You can repeat the first two weeks’ questions if you are uncertain about your sessions or have experienced difficulties with implementing all 23 steps, (based on your Step 3). You will get newer, better, and different answers from your Inner Child.
  2. Once you and your Inner Child are confident that you are implementing the 23 Tips effectively, you can move to ordering the Personal Questions Module. This module provides over 200 “safe and appropriate” questions which deepen the connection and understanding with your Inner Child.
  3. For the next 2 to 8 weeks, alternate every other day between the P/Q Module and the Dialogue Template formats. Allocate the full 30 minutes to each session type. Don’t try to combine them.
  4. Think of Step Four as preparing the soil to grow a bountiful harvest. Completing the PQ module and alternating each day with a DT Question day builds the strong and excellent foundation needed for the rapid transformations coming with the SE Module.

Step 5: Alternate Modules Sessions With the Free Dialogue Template Technique

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

The most effective way to continue your S/P sessions during the first three months is to practice your current S/P Module three days a week and use the Dialogue Template Question the other days. These Dialogue Template Question (DT Q) sessions are a foundational aspect of SELF-Parenting throughout all levels of practice. They provides the “secret sauce,” of Self-parenting because they allow the Inner Parent to create your own questions based on what the Inner Child wants to talk about.

This combination is essential because each S/P module stimulates the growth of your Inner Parent, while the DT Question offers a way for your Inner Child to discuss current life issues. Performing both styles of sessions ensures the mutual growth and cooperation of both Inner Selves.

Step 6: Start the Self Esteem Module

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

After 6-8 weeks of consistent S/P sessions, you become eligible for the S/E Module, which acts as a booster rocket for your well-being. You’ll practice this incredible process 2-3 days a week, alternating it with Dialog Template Questions, until you complete it at least once. This technique is one you can utilize for a lifetime to grow and build deeper and deeper levels of Self-Esteem.

Step 7: Read P.E.T: Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: ____

I recommend to start reading “P.E.T: Parent Effectiveness Training” by Thomas Gordon sometime during or between the SE and EF modules, whenever you feel ready. It’s important to read it multiple times to fully understand and integrate its contents into your Self-Parenting practice. Typically, it takes three or four readings to fully absorb the book’s teachings. I read it so many times I knew every word before it came up. 😇

Step 8: Practice the Early Family & Childhood Module

Time: 4-6 Weeks Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Upon completing the S/E Module, and ideally during or after reading P.E.T., start practicing the Early Family & Childhood Module. This module involves practicing sessions 2 to 3 days a week until you have completed all of questions. The goal of this module is to provide your Inner Child with an opportunity to contemplate and reflect on your early childhood and upbringing. The Early Family & Childhood Module is not intended for “purging”, but it may evoke intense emotions and insights as it helps you recall various childhood experiences.

Step 9: Resolve At Least 3-6 Major Inner Conflicts Using the Eight Steps of Inner Conflict Resolution

Time: 3-6 Months Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Resolving Inner Conflicts is a crucial but challenging step in the Self-Parenting process. This step can be done at any time outside of your regular session, and it is only placed as Step 9 due to a lack of a better place to put it.

It requires distinguishing between Inner Conflict and “Inner Bashing”, which is a common struggle for many practitioners at first. Revisiting Part II of the yellow book and using Chapter Seven to practice each step is recommended when facing an active Inner Conflict.

Developing the ability to diagnose and resolve Inner Conflicts is critical for becoming a successful Intermediate Practitioner. Regularly practicing the Eight Steps for resolving Inner Conflicts, as described in the yellow book, will ensure you develop this skill. If you encounter a particularly challenging or unresolved Inner Conflict session, you are welcome to send it to me for evaluation. (Type it out in format if your handwriting is unclear.) Keep in mind that it may take 15-20 attempts before diagnosing and resolving Inner Conflicts becomes a natural and comfortable process.

Step 10: Register Your Achievement with The Self-Parenting Program

Time: 3-6 Months Start Date: _____ End Date: _____

Maintain a record of the completion dates for each step and submit your early Step 3 for format review, as well as any unresolved Inner Conflicts for evaluation. After completion, send in your form to receive feedback on your progress as an Intermediate Practitioner of the Self-Parenting Program. Achieving Intermediate Status means that you are next eligible for the Intermediate to Advanced Modules, which offer numerous opportunities for exclegrowth. Congratulations on your progress!

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