Why Advanced Practitioners Stop S/P

This is an advanced topic, very advanced. It’s going to read okay, like most of my posts, but it won’t apply to you until and unless you get to a certain Intermediate or Advanced level of S/P, and then you probably wouldn’t read it when you need it most. It’s just something I feel like needs to be said, so I’m saying it. 

  1. Everyone is SELF-Parenting. If you are a “normal” person, you are S/P, that’s just the way the human mind works. How come no one ever explained this before I don’t know, but you’ve read the yellow book, so you know how it works and why. 
  2. What I teach is “conscious S/P” and therein lies the difference. As you probably know, I present a nice set of steps to get you deeper into your S/P style with the Beginner Ten Steps. Anyone who follows this 3-6 month series of half-hour sessions, modules, and readings will for the most part, experience a very decent recovery of their Inner Child. 
  3. Based on what I know, only a fair few people complete the Beginner Steps, which is probably amazing considering. There’s a variety of people and systems clamoring for your attention. Some might do the two weeks in the book, some might get a module or two. All this is totally up to you, and whatever you do with your own conscious S/P is your side of the seesaw and I support you. 

What’s I’m talking about now is when people get to the Intermediate and/or Advanced stages and why they quit. This is a very different situation. Once your Inner Child is allowed to be, do, and have as its own self, there’s a whole new level of conscious awareness a person can achieve. At least now their IC has a fighting chance to be heard and be part of their life decisions. The premise of the Advanced levels, is that you are committed to the practice and don’t plan on ever stopping. 

Here’s the problem. The Intermediate and Advanced Levels of S/P are about “fixing” the Inner Parent. Also, known as the Ego, this is where the internal and external blockages that a person can face in their life become super obvious. Each step of the Intermediate and Advanced Levels is designed to, hopefully gently, expose the IP’s flaws, roadblock techniques, and various let’s call them “lessor” ways of solving their life questions and issues. This is a very individual experience and people are on different levels in all kinds of ways. But the essential message I have, is that quitting S/P quits your evolutionary progress. And again, that’s fine, it’s your choice. It’s just that basically, you are chopping your IC off at the knees because your IP can’t handle what’s going on with your life. 

Two basic versions I’ve noticed. The first is just sort of a “get stuck in the mud” idea. You’ve let your modules go, you aren’t following the 23 tips per usual, some of your standard IP blockages become super important to your IP and it doesn’t want to let go of what it thinks is it’s jurisdiction, which it is in a way, but sort of in a self-imprisonment mode. This is typically the weak IP and they just drift off. Life gets in the way, you are SO busy, blah, blah. 

The one I want to address today, is when a practitioner all of a sudden starts blaming me for offering to help them. And now, it’s suddenly I’m the reason why they aren’t going to do S/P. I have a nice objective view of what people are going through. I can usually tell what’s going on weeks before they do. And yet, when I offer some advice suddenly it’s me that’s the problem. The funny thing, is the more I’d like to help, the more fuel it provides for them to abuse me for whatever made up reason they come up with.

It’s quite comical sometimes. And it’s clearly their ego erecting blocks, and putting down barriers to protect their opinion/viewpoint, etc. That’s fine. They get their opinion. Who suffers is their IC, because just beyond their ego’s defenses, is the next new layer of consciousness growth, until they get to their next blockage. 

I don’t know how to make the Intermediate and Advanced levels any less expensive than $40, a month. I can’t make 5 years of your S/P go by in 1.5 years. The issues that are going to come up are yours to deal with, not mine. I’ve been through the wringer. I know what the ego can do to twist and turn it’s logic to blame the outside world, for your problems, rather than looking for the true cause, which is the twisted logic and defenses of your Inner Parent.

I’ve had the blessing of the greatest teachers, and it takes their teachings to “break through” some of these serious ego blockages. as they are not a S/P issue per se, it’s the IP on it’s own, being its own dysfunctional self, which is why the next levels recommend teachers such as Ken Keyes, Jr, and others to help out. 

Just know, if you stop, it’s on you. I’ve got nothing to do with your S/P other than trying to help you. Rejecting my help seems kind of strange to me, but it’s your life. I’m just the messenger. Shooting me doesn’t help you, other than you get to remain stuck in your IP garbage.

When you get to these advanced levels, you’ll benefit from outside guidance, because what you are thinking and feeling is maelstrom of your own making. When it blows over, the damage will be done, and you won’t even know what happened. 

Dr. John