Resolving Inner Conflicts

If you didn’t have Inner Conflicts you wouldn’t need Self-Parenting. You could just live your life doing your thing and all would be good.

However, because you have two different personalities inside your head, your Inner Parent and Inner Child, they often have differing needs and perspectives which can result in direct conflict. This can take several forms but basically the end result is an inner conflict which results in unhappiness. You will eventually notice that your Inner Conflicts typically follow the same patterns as the outer conflicts you’ve had with your outer parents.

The Inner Conflict Resolution Process takes up all of Part II of the “yellow book.” Understanding these 8 Steps is a crucial aspect for advancing your understanding of the SPP. Recently a group of practitioners spent several weeks working on the Inner Conflict resolution process and they did an excellent job of clarifying the 8 steps into a mini-module suitable for two-sided printing. IC Resolution Worksheet_01

Print a copy and  keep it with your folder so that you can have it “at the ready” whenever the dreaded Inner Conflict strikes. Every Beginner to Intermediate practitioner of Self-Parenting is having Inner Conflicts. How consciously you can perceive them and how quickly and skillfully you can resolve them is the issue. When you attain the Advance level of SELF-Parenting, you no longer have Inner Conflicts.

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