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Hello, my name is Dr. John Pollard and I am the author of this website. Ideally, you have read the “yellow book.” If not, this is a very important first step to understanding this process, so do this before anything else.

Even though the yellow book is fun, informative, and easy-to-read, the true Self-Parenting experience begins once you begin practicing the daily half-hour sessions. Over a period of time this amazing experience will certainly improve how you feel about yourself and it will improve your life in many ways.  This website and I are here to support you as a daily practitioner of the SELF-Parenting Program. 

You will experience profound changes from your first Self-Parenting session forward. To continue this momentum in a wonderful and easy manner, I have designed a series of 10 Steps to Intermediate Practitioner Status which you can achieve over a 3-6 month period. It’s not that hard to do, many people have achieved this goal. The “how to” is laid out within this website; it is as simple as a daily half-hour per day to accomplish. Please make sure to sign up on the Welcome Page as this is how I communicate about upcoming news and events.

Whatever “issues” you are dealing with now, in three months they are going to be a distant memory. You just can’t know how great you will feel, until you get there. Here is the typical path for most practitioners:

  1. Reading the “yellow book” and printing out the Ten Steps.
  2. Starting half-hour sessions following the 23-Tips.
  3. Successful completion of the first month. (Newbie Course)
  4. Successful completion of the 2-3 month (SE Module).
  5. Successful completion of the 3-4 month (EF Module).
  6. Resolving several “Inner Conflicts” over the first 2-6 months.
  7. Eventual completion of all Ten Steps to Intermediate.

All this can be accomplished now with the courses on the website. Self-Parenting works quickly and effectively for the amount of time you practice, however it doesn’t qualify as a “quick fix.” The longer you do it, the better it gets, and the more skillful your Inner Parent becomes.

Does this mean that practicing the Self-Parenting Program is easy? Not necessarily. One problem when starting any new discipline is who has the time? Everyone is so busy from dawn to midnight. Who wants to take 30 mins away from sleep time basically. Starting a new habit that requires 30 minutes of your already busy life is a big ask.

Secondly, it’s only about you and no one else. You are the one that needs to provide your own motivation. Right now, you don’t even know what you don’t know about your Self-Parenting Style. It takes commitment and personal integrity to experience these deeper levels of inner self awareness. Self-Parenting looks within your own mental mindset for answers instead of looking outside for external validation. This is not the way most people live their lives.

Self-Parenting is YOU, taking care of YOUR Inner Child. Self-Parenting is how well YOU, as the Inner Parent, can learn to positively love, support, and nurture YOUR Inner Child. It takes Inner Parent skill and discipline to follow these guidelines and “become your own loving parent.”

Please study this website with care and consideration. Don’t take these Self-Parenting guidelines casually. Following the web site courses and doing the practice as stated will lead you directly to Intermediate Practitioner status. This path is well-marked and well-traveled. I’m here to help if you have questions. You can email me at any time. 

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