The Self-Parenting Books

The”Yellow” Book

SELF-PARENTING: The Complete Guide to Your Inner Conversations remains the break-through book for people serious about “becoming their own loving parent.” It introduces easy-to-use and practical methods for building a strong ongoing relationship between your Inner Parent and Inner Child. Fully updated, this book provides your personal instruction manual for practicing the methods of daily positive Self-Parenting.

The “Blue” Book

The Self-Parenting Program: Core Guidelines for the Self-Parenting Practitioner discusses every problem you might experience in Self-Parenting during the first two years. The amount of love, energy, and support, you devote to your Inner Child through conscious awareness as an Inner Parent determines the quality and experience of your “inner” life. If you happened to read this book before at least 6 months of conscious SP, it will seem like a new book when you read it again.