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Any of my various books can be ordered world-wide and sent to your door by the Amazon in your country. I apologize in advance, but I do not provide kindle or audible versions for the “yellow book” as I am “old school” and still believe your best start to this wonderful practice is to have the the yellow book “in hand” for easy review and practice. The old version is seriously outdated for today’s world in case you are tempted to get a used copy.

I’m also going to tell you right up front, don’t loan your book, as it will disappear forever and your Inner Child will be mad not glad. The links below go to the US amazon website but you can use them to search in your country. Books can also be ordered by any book store in any country including India and China.

BTW, this website was only ever designed for people who had already read the “yellow book” as they were the only people who would ever search out this term. So, if somehow you landed here w/o having read the book, you’ll see that I don’t sell books, have ads, or promote or sell anything other than increasing your S/P awareness. This all started years ago (1987) with the “yellow book.”

The “Yellow Book”

The”Yellow” Book

SELF-PARENTING: The Complete Guide to Your Inner Conversations remains the ORIGINAL break-through book for people who are serious in their quest to “become their own loving parent.” This is the book that brought the concept of the “inner child” to the recovery and addiction therapists of the late 1980’s. Part I introduces the personalities of your Inner Parent and Inner Child in clear and concise language. Part II gives a strong introduction to the concept of resolving “inner conflicts” which is easy to learn and apply.

And Part III describes in detail the easy-to-use and practical methods for building a strong ongoing relationship between your Inner Parent and Inner Child by practicing a daily half-hour session with your Inner Child. Fully updated in 2018, this book is your personal instruction manual for practicing daily positive SELF-Parenting.

The “Blue Book”

The “Blue” Book

The Self-Parenting Program: Core Guidelines for the Self-Parenting Practitioner discusses every problem you might experience in Self-Parenting during your first two years of daily practice. The amount of love, energy, and support you devote to your Inner Child through conscious awareness as an Inner Parent determines the quality and experience of your “inner” life.

If you somehow happened to read this book before the “yellow book” it may be confusing as it does not provide the practical session details like the “yellow book” above. This book is most appropriate after at least 6 months of conscious S/P. If you happened to read it before, then it will seem like a new book each time you read it again. The more S/P experience you have, the better this book gets!

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