The SELF-Parenting Modules

Modules are the means by which your Inner Parent develops specific skills and methods to upgrade and improve your S/P Style. Typically they are designed to practice three times per week alternating with the Dialogue Template Question on the other days. Modules are designed to keep your S/P Sessions fresh and moving in the right direction to maintain and build upon your early success. I have met people who practiced S/P for two years w/o any modules. Their Inner Child was more or less happy, but their Inner Parent had not progressed beyond that of a two-week practitioner.

As you progress from Newbie to Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced, and even to Lifetime Practitioner status, you would always want to be practicing the current module for your status. As S/P is “inner parent” work, the modules will insure you progress to become a more conscious Inner Parent. Each module brings your Inner Parent an additional level of skill, achievement, and conscious awareness. I promise!

Based on practitioner results, there is a standard order of modules. You start with the Personal Questions Module. This gives you the excellent foundation of “getting to know” your Inner Child. From there, you move to The Self-Esteem Module when you get to Step 5. Each beginning module’s practice time is approximately 1-2 months. Modules from the Intermediate through Lifetime Levels take 2-4 months to complete.


*随着中国对自我教育的积极接受,回应来自中国从业者的询问对我来说有点挑战。鉴于此,我很高兴地通知您,我的一位值得信赖的同事,宋睿,已经慷慨地提出作为联络人,协助处理任何问题,步骤3评估,或模块订单的中文。宋睿在自我教育实践中表现出了专业知识,我相信她能够有效地解决你的问题。 您可以通过电子邮件sr15346361184sr@163.com直接与她联系。请随时与她讨论您的任何需求或疑问,她将非常乐意为您提供帮助。最好的问候, 波拉德博士.

* Please note the following guidelines for newbie module purchases

Sometime people order one or more modules at the same time. If I have not received a Step 3, I don’t even know if they are practicing SELF-Parenting So, just to clarify, S/P nodules are only available for people practicing the SELF-Parenting Program per the Ten Steps and 23 Tips. And typically you practice and complete one module at a time, although you can alway go back and repeat earlier modules as they provide lifetime techniques.

PLEASE NOTE* Modules are NOT sent automatically upon purchase.

The current order of modules is based on the following:

  1. The Personal Questions module is available to any new practitioner.
  2. The Self-Esteem Module is available for practitioners who have completed a Step 3 and have practiced uninterrupted daily sessions for 30 days or more.
  3. The EF Module is Step 8.
  4. The Work Module would typically be ordered after completing the Ten Steps.

The Personal Questions Module ($60)

The Personal Questions Module gives your Inner Parent an extensive source of “safe” questions to ask your Inner Child on a variety of different subjects. It is the ultimate “getting to know you” module. Asking your Inner Child questions in these areas expresses interest and caring as the Inner Parent.

Asking questions using this format provides the foundation and experience for your Inner Parent to model a positive S/P style when it’s time to make up your own questions on personal topics.

The Self-Esteem Module ($60)

The Self-Esteem Module is the second module in the beginner series. It contains a completely original process far more successful at creating self-esteem than all other methods combined. Typically what is taught to build SE are “affirmations” that basically force your Inner Child to comply with some rigid idea of success. This module uses an effortless technique that finally builds a true and lasting self-esteem that includes, not discounts, your Inner Child’s side of the seesaw. Once you experience how this works, you will be amazed when true self-esteem starts building up inside you from within. 

This module requires a brief registration process to progress from Beginner to Intermediate Practitioner Status in the SELF-Parenting Program.

The Early Family & Childhood ($60)

This is the third mandatory module to progress from Beginner to Intermediate Practitioner Status in the SELF-Parenting Program. It explores in a safe and gentle manner, the various experiences that are typical when growing up.

The S/P Work Module ($60)

The SELF-Parenting Work Module is designed to help you understand How Relationships Work. It is most suitable for a person who works a “corporate” style job, with a regular group of people. This could be a teacher, grocery staff, anyone who has a boss, coworkers, and/or employees. It’s an optional module at any stage of your SELF-Parenting journey.

The S/P Dialogue Templates Module ($120)

The Dialogue Templates Module marks the recommended transition point where you, as the Inner Parent, finally are qualified to originate questions and content from your side of the seesaw. This module starts the transition from Newbie Practitioners have completed the Ten Steps to Intermediate to Intermediate Practitioner Status. This is where you begin the conscious and active path along through the Intermediate Ten Steps to Advanced Practitioner Status. This module gives you the guidelines for how to respond appropriately from your Inner Parent’s side of an issue. (Practice time-two months).

This begins with a monthly fee of $40. per month at this current time. Click this link to go to the landing page for the course information.

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