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Greetings, Welcome to the SELF-Parenting Newbie Web Course. Completing this course is designed to "hold your hand" during Steps 1 - 4 of The Ten Steps to Intermediate, course as well as introduce you to the 23 Tips of SELF-Parenting so that you will become what we call a Beginning S/P Practitioner. Completing the Newbie training takes one month. From there you proceed along Steps 5 - 10 at your own pace for approximately 2-4 months. This all happens very easily and naturally once you begin practicing the half-hour S/P sessions with your Inner Child as described in Chapter 9 of the yellow book. One of the great things about this course is that you can email via the discussion forums and get any of your questions answered as you track your own progress through the Ten Steps. Key concepts covered include:
  • The Opening
  • Session Format
  • Following the 23 Tips
  • The Closing
In the unlikely event that you have any troubles following this course, let me know and hopefully we can sort them out. I believe it’s going to be pretty straightforward once you get used to the format.

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