“Become Your Own
Loving Parent”

Practicing a daily half-hour session of conscious SELF-Parenting will safely, gently, and easily (over time) replace much to all the dysfunctional outer parenting patterns you may have absorbed from your family dynamics when you were growing up.

As a conscious adult you can learn to recognize and reverse the negative traits of your dysfunctional outer parenting by becoming a more loving, supportive, and nurturing Inner Parent towards your Inner Child.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SELF-Parenting Program is to guide your Inner Parent in the practice of daily, half-hour sessions as described in SELF-Parenting: The Complete Guide to Your Inner Conversations, also referred to as the “yellow book.”

This web site provides the daily S/P Practitioner with a proven pathway to “Become Your Own Loving Parent,” thus healing your Inner Child; defined as a deeper, more conscious awareness of your “SELF-Parenting Style.”