“Become Your Own
Loving Parent”

Practicing a daily half-hour session of conscious SELF-Parenting will safely, gently, and easily replace any and all dysfunctional outer parenting patterns you may have absorbed from your family dynamics when you were growing up.

As a conscious adult you can learn to recognize and reverse the negative traits of your dysfunctional outer parenting by becoming a more loving, supportive, and nurturing Inner Parent towards your Inner Child.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SELF-Parenting Program is to guide your Inner Parent in the practice of daily, half-hour sessions as described in SELF-Parenting: The Complete Guide to Your Inner Conversations, also referred to as the “yellow book.”

We provide the daily S/P Practitioner a proven pathway to “become your own loving parent,” thus healing your Inner Child; defined as a deeper, more conscious awareness of your “SELF-Parenting Style.”