OK for I/P to modify questions?


My inner child feels uncooperative because I can’t think of a person I hate or a professor I disliked. I’m just writing that down, e.g., “I don’t think I hate anyone” but then I’m compelled to write down “I don’t understand” or “I don’t think this question is applicable to me given my previous response” in response to the “follow up” questions. This feels incorrect. Also, if I don’t understand a question (ex Day 12 Q 11), should just write “I don’t understand this question” and move on, or should my Inner Parent try to ask a slightly different question that makes more sense? I’m confused at times, but really wanting to participate! Not sure if it’s the I/P or I/C that has the problem or both but something feels amiss. Please help!

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Asked on 2021-02-21 12:32 pm
"Thank you John Pollard for telling me that" :) Onward!
( at 2021-02-22 7:05 am)
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This is fine, pretty normal actually. Whatever your IC says, just say "Than you Inner Child for tell me that." and move on to the next question. Don't add any other comments from the Inner Parent side.

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Answered on 2021-02-22 6:34 am