02_Beginner to Intermediate Practitioner: Steps 5-10

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Welcome to Steps 5-10 which officially means you are well on the way to becoming an Intermediate Practitioner of the SELF-Parenting Program. You’ve completed the Newbie portion which takes about a month for most people. This gave you the foundational building blocks for this practice which created your first breakthrough; a solid introduction to your Inner Child. Next comes the following:

  • Practicing the Self-Esteem Module
  • Reading P.E.T by Thomas Gordon.
  • Practicing the Early Family and Childhood Module
  • Learning how to resolve Inner Conflicts

Completing these steps over the next 2-4 months will solidify your S/P practice and give you a very solid foundation when entering the Intermediate Level of the SELF-Parenting Program. The skills and methods you learn here will establish core principles you will use throughout all your levels of SELF-Parenting awareness.