03_Intermediate to Advanced Practitioner: Steps 1-10

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Course Description

For the committed student of the SELF-Parenting Program. This is a 1-2 year program of ongoing practice whose completion will bring you to the Advanced Status of S/P Practitioner. You progress at your own pace and materials are delivered as you attain each step.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Starting the DIalog Templates Module
  • Perfecting Your Inner Conflict Resolution
  • Interacting with Your Inner Child Outside Your Sessions
  • Reading the Blue Book
  • Practicing the Intermediate Self-Esteem Module
  • Learning How Relationships Work
  • Reading Handbook to Higher Consciousness
  • Practicing the Intermediate Core Values Module
  • Completing the SELF-Parenting Style Module

Following this course outline via the recommended steps will bring your Inner Parent to an outstanding level of clarity and purpose as far as truly understanding as to what is really at stake here with the SELF-Parenting Program. Just like there was no way for me to tell you how far you were going to come when you reached Intermediate SELF-Parenting Status. You just can’t know how amazing and far this Intermediate Training will bring you once you have become an Advanced Practitioner.

As far as pricing, I’d like to give it away for free, but there’s too much content and that’s not how things work in this world. I finally settled on a dollar a day (US pre-paid per year) just to let you know that it’s very reasonably priced and I don’t really care about the money. What I care about is that you are motivated to complete each of these steps along with guided tech support as you need it.

If you would like to pay on a monthly basis, then it’s $40 (US) per month, and you can start with a two-month payment, so that each month is paid at the start like rent. This is the same amount as you would pay for the Dialogue Template which is the traditional start of the Intermediate Level. So it’s essentially the same price as I started out years ago.

This does not include live coaching calls, which are available at additional cost. But it does include everything you need to attain self-guided Advanced Practitioner Status as has always been provided by me to sincere practitioners.

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