Consultations w/ Dr. Pollard

Personal Consultations (1 hour)

Personal Consultations are a member option that don’t really exist in other systems, certainly not at these prices.  I have intentionally kept these prices within reason for people who have spent thousands more on lessor systems. My preference is that you follow the “normal” member options which allow you to get a very high value services at very reasonable price points. However there are times and situations where a personal consultation does the most for the least amount of money, so I have this available for those with the budget.   

If you are a daily practitioner of the Self-Parenting Program and you feel stuck or bored in your sessions, your Inner Parent could use some coaching to reach the next level of intimacy and union with your Inner Child. I know how to work with your Inner Parent to get the most possible growth from your Self-Parenting in the quickest amount of time. Single session @ $200.00 per hour.

This hour service has also been used by people who need to ask detailed questions regarding their history, personal problems/experiences, addictions, upbringing, etc to determine with more urgent accuracy if practicing S/P is suitable for them. If it would take longer to write it all down in an email than to say it in 5 minutes, then a consultation can be the quickest way to get to the next level.

Personal Consultations (4 hours)

A series of four Self-Parenting Consultations is the fastest and best way to speed your session growth. Phone consultations are reasonably priced, one-to-one sessions over the phone/internet. The preferred schedule is once a week for 4 weeks, priced at $720. prepaid in blocks of four (4) hours. For people with the budget, this can take years off your development time because personal consultations can concentrate specifically on YOUR issues, and you are given direct one-to-one instructions for your Inner Parent to perform and follow through. These sessions are for practitioners who want to move forward at the fastest possible pace, not for the weak or faint-hearted. 

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