Is This Your First Time Here?

Please read this post to understand how this site works. You are welcome and have free access to this public website where you can read through the material and learn the fundamentals of the SPP. Visitors come to this site in various ways and for various reasons. This site provides a vast amount of knowledge and self-directed guidance to assist your practice of Self-Parenting. 

In the past only people who had read the “yellow book” would come here. Now, you might arrive from an internet search or for some other reason without this first step which is very important. If you are brand new to Self-Parenting or have only read the “blue book” then you won’t have the foundational understanding of Self-Parenting that this site assumes. This site geared to the daily practitioner of Self-Parenting.

Self-Parenting is a concept but it is also a daily practice. “Being a Self-Parenting Practitioner” means you have started the Ten Steps and the 23 Tips to Intermediate Practitioner Status. If you have read the book already then you have competed Step 1, and you are ready for Step 2.

I do my utmost to support all practicing members. Attempting this practice without personal assistance is possible, but most people will encounter problems at some point or another. These are easily handled if you communicate with me. I’m happy to answer initial questions as a service to you so that you have an excellent start. Just like with any outer relationship it takes about 3 months to either “make it or break it” when you start this new relationship with your Inner Child. 

Newbie Course: If you are truly interested in this work, you are advised to take the free online Newbie Course. It is designed to hold your hand as you progress through your first month of Self-Parenting. There is no charge but you have the option in Step 4 of purchasing the Personal Questions Module which can be very helpful to provide “safe” questions for your sessions.

There’s so much more to know when you become a member of course, but this post is for brand new people to get an idea of what this site has available for this wonderful and life-affirming practice of the Self-Parenting Program.

All my best, 

John K. Pollard, III


    1. Is there any branches of The SELF-Parenting Academy in Taiwan?

      Not really. I do everything myself online or via email.

      It would be nice to have a group of Chinese practitioners.


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